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It is believed that the heart shape originated from the city-state Cyrene. During the 7th century B.C., this area was known for the rare North African plant silphium. The seedpod of this plant is the shape of the heart that we know today.


Several plant species have heart-shaped, or cordate, leaves, including the aptly named String of Hearts plant and the Caladium. The String of Hearts is a succulent plant with long strands of fleshy, heart-shaped leaves. The Caladium thrives in bright, indirect sunlight ...


To cut a photo into a heart shape, fold the photo in half; it can be folded like a rectangle of a square depending on the shape of the photograph. Draw an outline of half a heart on the photo, starting and ending the outline at the crease of the folded photo. Cut along ...


To print a heart-shaped template, in addition to a computer connected to a printer, software or a website containing a heart template is needed. The template can be large, medium or small.


According to Allure magazine, good haircut choices for heart-shaped faces include long bobs and sophisticated short crops. Other good hairstyle options include long bangs, wispy bangs, deep side parts and layers around the face.


Some commonly-known shapes are squares, circles, triangles, stars and rectangles. There are many different kinds of polygons used in geometry and many shapes that combine or arrange multiple polygons to be used in designs.


Finding the perfect haircut can be a challenge. Heart-shaped faces have a strong jaw line that needs to be softened or balanced for the best look. The best short style for straight hair is a sleek crop. For wavy or curly hair, a bouncy bob works best. Medium and long st...