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Feb 28, 2017 ... Cardiovascular exercise is defined as any activity that increases your heart rate. Elevating your heart rate for an extended period of time (at ...


Aug 8, 2015 ... Your pulse determines your heart rate, or how many times your heart beats in one minute. Pulse rates differ from person to person based on ...


Calculate your target heart rate and maximum heart rate based on your age and fitness with the heart rate calculator.


Get the most out of your workout; ensure that you are working within your heart rate training zone. You could injure yourself or burn out by working too hard.


Heart Rate Calculator Home Order Why to buy from US. Enter your Age, Resting Heart Rate and Maximum Heart Rate (If Known) then click Calculate Age and ...


Resting heart pulse. Calculate your personal heart rate before starting a physical activity. 0. Exercise safely with this target heart rate training zone calculator ...


Measure your Max Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate Zones with this simple calculator. This assessment can be used to help determine training zones.


The Heart Rate Calculator. Your Maximum heart rate (HRMax) can be determined using the formula: 226 - your age for women or 220 - your age for men.


This formula is one of the most effective methods used to calculate your target heart rate for aerobic (cardio) exercise. It factors in your resting heart rate (RHR),  ...


This calculator will help you estimate a healthy heart rate range for maximizing the health benefits of aerobic exercise.


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