There are many online resources that provide the pronunciation of Greek words, including My Languages and WorldLingo. At the My Languages site, there are Greek words with audio so people can hear the actual pronunciation... More » Education

Pronunciations of foreign words are available on various websites, including and These sites provide audio pronunciations to commonly used words in different languages. More » Education

Cambridge Dictionaries Online, and Sounds: The Pronunciation App are some popular English word pronunciation aids as of 2015, while Forvo is a resource that offers word pronunciation in multiple languages. An... More » Education provides a glossary of Greek words from A to Z, as of 2015. A glossary of ancient Greek words is available on, and includes a Greek dictionary from alpha through omeg... More » Education

A homograph list is a list of words that have the same spelling, but different pronunciations and different meanings and uses. Some homograph lists also include homonyms, which are words that have the same spelling, the ... More » Education

Tips for speaking correct English include listening to native speakers, reading out loud and memorizing words with unique pronunciations. When learning English, students should focus on learning whole phrases instead of ... More » Education

While it is common to pronounce ancient Greek words with the same sounds and intonation of the speaker's native language, modern Greek has its own system of pronunciation. For example, modern Greeks pronounce the "eu" so... More » Education