Some popular healthy snacks include whole wheat English muffins with peanut butter, nut mixes, light microwave popcorn and quesadillas. These foods tend to be high in vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat. More » Food Grocery Snacks

There are a number of low and no-carb snacks available, both pre-packaged and do-it-yourself style. Easy homemade suggestions include boiled eggs, low-fat cheeses and meats. Atkins brand diet foods produce meal replaceme... More » Food Food Facts

Some healthy snacks for diabetics include almonds, celery sticks with peanut butter, string cheese, blueberries, or popcorn, according to the American Diabetes Association. It's best to choose snacks that are an appropri... More »

Two cute snacks for kids include ants on a log and butterfly quesadillas. Make the classic ants on a log by spreading peanut butter inside celery sticks, and then arranging raisins on top of the peanut butter so that the... More » Food Grocery Snacks

Some ideas for healthy snacks include half of a whole grain bagel topped with two tablespoons of ricotta cheese, sliced strawberries and a drizzle of honey, or some cut-up celery sticks with hummus and chopped olives. Th... More » Food Grocery Snacks

Some popular soy snacks include chips and crisps such as SoyCrisps, made by Genisoy, dry-roasted edamame products such as those manufactured by Seapoint Farms, and sweetened nutrition bars such as SoyJoy’s baked whole so... More » Food Grocery Snacks

Dr. Mike Roussell tells Shape magazine that peanut butter on celery offers both convenience and a low carb count. Cottage cheese and its variations also are an excellent choice, and are especially healthful with a chia s... More » Food Grocery Snacks