Some healthy recipes for one person are orange-walnut salad with chicken and an Italian vegetable hoagie. For a low-calorie dessert recipe, have some sliced banana drizzled with reduced-calorie chocolate sauce. More » Food Cooking

Examples of healthy recipes that can be made in one pot include cabbage and white bean soup with sausage, country pork stew, black bean chili with butternut squash and Swiss chard and lamb chili, states Epicurious. These... More » Food Cooking

A diabetes meal plan incorporates nutritious foods containing healthy carbohydrates, fiber, fish and good fats, and some recipes include fresh fruit kebabs and Asian pork tenderloin, states Mayo Clinic. Registered dietit... More » Health Nutrition & Diets
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Some good healthy recipes from Almased include creamy leek soup with shrimp, vegetable beef stew, Irish stew, vegetable soup and curried squash soup, notes Almased is a protein powder that contains ingredien... More » Food Cooking

The Pioneer Woman blog has many healthy recipes including herb-roasted pork tenderloin, spicy grilled vegetable panini and pan-fried spinach. Some other healthy recipes are butternut squash and kale stir fry and low-carb... More » Food Cooking

Chicken salad recipes can be found at, and BBC's Good Food website. Each website provides several recipes for chicken salad, from curried chicken salad to chicken and quinoa salad. More » Food Cooking

Martha Stewart provides recipes for classic chicken salad, tarragon chicken salad and buttermilk chicken Caesar salad. She also offers Asian-style salads, such as the crunchy Asian chicken salad, and Mexican-style salads... More » Food Cooking