Not all fish are healthy to eat and some should be avoided. Some types of fish are high in mercury and contaminates and should not be consumed. More » Food Food Facts

Swai is a type of white fish that comes from Southeast Asia. Part of the Pangasius family of fish, it is often compared to, or even mistaken for catfish. The swai that Americans eat is typically imported from Vietnam, Th... More » Food Food Facts Meat, Poultry & Seafood

A healthy meal for a diabetic may contain whole-grains, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats, low-fat cheeses, baked snack foods and unsweetened beverages, according to WebMD. An example of an appropriate dinner me... More » Health Nutrition & Diets
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Good examples of fish that do not have a predominantly fishy taste include Arctic char, flounder, haddock and tilapia. Other examples of fish with a mild flavor include cod, orange roughy, perch, rockfish, trout and yell... More » Food Food Facts

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are five food groups: vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and proteins such as meat, poultry, nuts and fish. These food groups are the basis for a healthy ... More » Food Food Facts

Chamomile, lemon balm, fish and some types of nuts can help reduce anxiety levels when consumed regularly. Foods that contain zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-12 are recommended to prevent anxiety. More » Food Food Facts

The nomadic Karankawa Indian tribes lived as hunter-gatherers, consuming fish, clams oysters and turtles from the swamps, marshlands and Gulf of Mexico waters. The tribes supplemented their diets with various animals and... More » Food Food Facts