Page 107 of the House health care bill describes the procedure for appointment of a Special Inspector General for the federal health insurance exchange and begins to outline her duties. The page was famously included as ... More » Government & Politics US Government

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides rights and protections that make health insurance coverage more fair, such as giving young adults more coverage options by allowing them to remain on their parents'... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

For a copy of health care bill HB 3200, go to, and use the search function in the Legislation tab. Type in H.B. 3200, and the bill's summary appears, with various options for navigating to the full text or s... More »

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives is responsible for assigning bills to a House committee. This is one of the early steps for a bill to become a law. More » Government & Politics US Government

Page 272 of a health care reform bill proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009 concerns payment to certain hospitals for cancer care, according to Critics of the bill falsely claimed this page... More » Government & Politics Law

As of 2015, government health care policies include free preventative care and the provision of tax credits to make health insurance more affordable. Health plans must cover young adults on their parents' plans until the... More » Government & Politics US Government

The Department of Veterans Affairs was created to provide a range of services, such as health care, to veterans. The department uses three different agencies to administer services to vets. More » Government & Politics US Government