Home Design HD produces a variety of modern furniture and decor for the home and the office, sparked by the expert knowledge of the company's interior design team. According to co-founder David Simmons, "Every product we... More »

Home Design HD offers a full range of outdoor furniture, including outdoor seating pieces, outdoor tables, lounges and sofas. It also offers complete outdoor seating groups and other outdoor sets as well as outdoor acces... More »

Some examples of highly rated outdoor HDTV antennas include RCA's Yagi antenna, Mediasonic's HW-560AN antenna and AmazonBasics' amplified indoor/outdoor antenna. All three of these antennas support at least 1080i video a... More »

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Forming a limited liability company, also known as an LLC, involves selecting a business name for the new entity and filing appropriate paperwork with the LLC filing office of the state in which the business exists. Each... More »