Home Design HD offers a full range of outdoor furniture, including outdoor seating pieces, outdoor tables, lounges and sofas. It also offers complete outdoor seating groups and other outdoor sets as well as outdoor acces... More »

Home Design HD produces a variety of modern furniture and decor for the home and the office, sparked by the expert knowledge of the company's interior design team. According to co-founder David Simmons, "Every product we... More »

Living Spaces Clearance Centers carry manufacturer close-outs, special order cancellations, clearance items and floor items, including fabric and leather sofas, beds of all sizes, dining sets, home office pieces and outd... More »

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Some tips for repairing outdoor furniture include adding sling or frame replacements, replacing strapping and sanding down rusty areas. A new coat of paint or stain or a thorough wash can also restore outdoor furniture, ... More »

Worthington Direct, School Outfitters LLC, National School Furniture, and Educational Furniture and Equipment Company are some online vendors selling outdoor tables for schools, as of 2015. Several of the listed companie... More »

Outdoor furniture that Big Lots sells includes outdoor entertaining tables and chairs, lounge chairs, wicker furniture such as tables and sofas, outdoor coffee tables and more. Big Lots offers small outdoor furniture ite... More »

IKEA sells outdoor rugs along with its selection of outdoor furniture, organizational items and umbrellas. As of October 2015, has five outdoor rugs that are available for purchase directly from its website, but... More »