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Mar 27, 2020 ... Ingredients for this Recipe · Hawaiian rolls (12 ct.) · Deli ham (8 oz.) · Swiss cheese (6 slices) · Mayonnaise (1/4 cup) · Butt...


Jan 22, 2020 ... Looking for the perfect slider for parties or an easy dinner? These savory ham and ... How to keep Hawaiian Roll Ham and Cheese Sliders Warm.


Dec 27, 2020 ... Ingredients · Sliced ham or turkey · Swiss or cheddar cheese, sliced · King's Hawaiian rolls · ½ cup melted butter · 1 Tbsp....


Nov 16, 2020 ... Be sure to check out this easy and delicious baked ham sandwich recipe below, and opt for a large ... E-Comm Branded: King's Hawaiian Bread.


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3/4 cup pineapple juice · 1 egg · 2.5 tablespoons olive oil · 4 level tablespoons sugar · 1 teaspoon salt I use Kosher · 3 level cups bread flour...


Apr 14, 2021 ... My favorite part about making Hawaiian roll sliders is you can use the ... Prepare your sandwiches as directed in the recipe instructions.


Jan 13, 2021 ... Making super bowl party food ham and cheese sliders is easy buying rolls that are all. Assemble the sandwiches in the same bread block.


Elevate your dinner game with these hearty baked Cuban sandwiches. They start with King's Hawaiian™ Rolls, so you know they'll be good—and then they're ...


They're the secret to salvation…and your best beach sandwiches. ... King's Hawaiian bread made for one heck of a sacrament.


Ham and Cheese Sliders - easy crowd pleasing sandwiches with ... The most popular bread to use for these are Kings Hawaiian sweet rolls.