Hasidic Jewish men wear their unique sidecurls as a way of preserving an aspect of Hebrew culture. In addition to their distinctive hairstyles, Hasidic Jews of both genders typically wear styles which were historically p... More »

Not all Jewish women shave their heads, but the Hasidic Jewish women shave their heads once they are married because hair is considered to be equivalent to nudity, and it is a sin not to shave for those women in the Hasi... More »

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While Jews believe there was a Jesus, they do not accept that he was the long-awaited Messiah. They believe that Jesus did not fulfill the messianic prophecies in the Old Testament and that the Jewish Messiah has yet to ... More »

Abraham is central to Judaism because he is widely regarded as the father of the Jewish nation. In addition, he is seen as the exemplar of the servant who is faithful to God in all things, and who follows all commands. A... More »

Jews wear a kippah, or yarmulke, as a symbol of reverence before God. Traditionally, kippot (the plural of Kippah) are worn only by men, though depending on community and personal customs, women may also choose to wear t... More »