In addition to hash browns, ingredients in Ore-Ida's cheesy potato casserole include cornflakes cereal, cream of chicken soup, shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream. Ore-Ida sunrise casserole ingredients include link br... More » Food Cooking

To make frozen hash brown casserole, combine ingredients such as thawed frozen hash browns, cream of celery soup and onion, and bake. Food Network offers a creamy hash brown casserole from Paul Deen that receives 4.5 out... More » Food Cooking

Breakfast casserole recipes combining sausage, eggs and hash browns are featured at food sites such as and Classic hash browns are made by cooking lightly seasoned, shredded russet potatoes ... More » Food Cooking
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A quick recipe for hash brown casserole consists of a package of frozen hash brown potatoes, butter, salt, condensed cream of chicken soup and a few other ingredients. This recipe serves four to six people and is ready t... More » Food Cooking

An easy potato soup recipe calls for adding shredded hash browns, chicken broth and cream of chicken soup to a slow cooker and cooking it on low for eight hours. Bacon bits or ham chunks can be added to the slow cooker f... More » Food Cooking

Hash brown casseroles are not sold by Ore-Ida, nor are they carried by any retailers, as of 2015. However, Ore-Ida does produce a number of hash brown varieties to be used in casserole recipes. The Ore-Ida website offers... More » Food Grocery

Ore-Ida features a recipe for potato casserole called Cheesy Potato Casserole that uses a corn flake cereal top crust. Paula Deen also has a potato casserole recipe that adds bacon to the mix. More » Food Cooking