In order to harvest tulip bulbs for the upcoming planting season, you need to harvest them at the right time of year, carefully extract them from the soil, store them properly and maintain them until planting. You need a... More »

To plant tulips, deeply bury the bulbs in a sunny, well-drained location. Plant in the fall, and bury the bulbs immediately after purchasing them to prevent deterioration. More »

Tulip bulbs are generally planted prior to the start of cold weather. This dormancy period allows the root structure of the flower to grow. The bulb should be planted at least 8 inches deep, leaving at least 2 inches of ... More »

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Methods for forcing tulip bulbs include storing unplanted bulbs in the refrigerator or planting several bulbs in a pot and storing them in a cold attic, basement or outdoor area. Both methods involve exposing the bulbs t... More »

Some beginner rose growing tips include choosing a site with plenty of sunlight, using well-drained soil, planting roses at the right time and watering them regularly. Rose bushes also require inspection often for fungal... More »

Plant mums by doing so at the right time, choosing a sunny planting site, amending the soil and planting the flowers. You need mum plants or seeds, compost and a garden trowel More »

To plant dahlias, you must choose the right time and planting site, prepare the soil, dig holes and plant the tubers. You need dahlia tubers, sand or peat moss, compost, bonemeal and a gardening trowel. More »