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Nov 11, 2016 ... Lymph nodes are movable, pea-size lumps found throughout the body, but are mostly in the neck, groin, armpits, and behind the collarbone.


An enlarged thyroid gland (goiter) is in the neck just below the Adam's apple. Swelling caused by cancer. A lump caused by cancer is usually hard, irregularly  ...


On your torso or neck ... on the body, but they're seen most commonly on the torso and neck. ... Feels like: A smooth, firm lump that's painless to the touch.


I'm concerned about a small lump on the side of my neck that my girlfriend ... Helping others when you are going through this really hard time.


A neck mass is a lump or bump that develops on a child's neck. Neck masses can vary ... A tumor may feel hard or soft, and can sometimes be tender. Most neck ...


Benign bony tumours. Osteomas that arise from the mandible or clavicle may present in the neck as slowly growing, stony, hard, painless, smooth masses. They ...


Sep 17, 2019 ... Neck lumps in adults can also be due to infection in the lymph nodes but can also arise from other structures like the thyroid gland or salivary ...


May 15, 2015 ... The primary concern in adults with a persistent neck mass is malignancy. ... Diffuse, bilateral lymph nodes (multiple, fixed, firm, nontender).


Dec 19, 2019 ... Always have any lumps, bumps or swelling on your child's neck checked. · Most lumps found in a child's neck are enlarged lymph nodes caused .....


Neck lumps, or masses, can have many possible causes. Examples include swollen lymph nodes, infections such as strep throat, and viruses. Most neck lumps ...