Happy Wheels was originally designed to be a browser based racing game in which the user could select from a number of unconventional racers ranging from a hobo in a wheelchair, to the irresponsible father on a bicycle w... More »

"Happy Wheels" is a racing game in which a dangerous obstacle course is navigated by using various vehicles with violent and graphic deaths in store when the player crashes. The term "full game" connotes that it is the c... More »

Demos of the Happy Wheels game are available at the Happy Wheels and Silvergame websites. This demo allows players to choose a course and then maneuver through it in an ill-suited vehicle, such as a wheelchair. The game ... More »

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Happy Wheels is not recommended for children due to graphic violence that exists in the game. Individuals who are impartial to game violence may enjoy Happy Wheels for its difficult playing style and ability to make one'... More »

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