A “happy dance” is thought of as any danced performed when somebody is in an emotionally happy state. One famous “happy dance” performer is Snoopy from the “Peanuts” comics and cartoon. In the television show, Snoopy is ... More » Art & Literature

Two of the highest-grossing animated features, as of October 2015, are “Frozen” and “Minions.” They are both critically acclaimed for being hilarious and having a happy theme. More » Art & Literature

Beginner line dancing videos and lessons can be found on line dance websites such as and and provide step instructions, lessons and video demonstrations for ... More » Art & Literature
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Dean Martin's tombstone features his name, date of birth and death, and a quote, "Everybody loves somebody sometime." The quote is taken from a song made famous by Martin in 1964. More » Art & Literature

One way to learn basic dance moves for free is to utilize online sites such as, which offers several videos that take you through various dances step-by-step. The videos allow you to see the moves and then im... More » Art & Literature

The Lifetime network makes "Dance Moms" available to its channel subscribers on its website,, and app. Those without a Lifetime subscription can stream the show on Netflix or Amazon Prime. More » Art & Literature

The most basic dance steps in a line dance are referred to as the single beat steps. These steps provide the foundation for learning complete line dances. More » Art & Literature