Use birthday clip art images by downloading them to your computer from sites such as,, and or searching for them in certain versions of Micros... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Resources for birthday clip art include websites such as, and These websites offer royalty free clip art images for personal use, as of 2015. More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

Examples of online resources for birthday cake clip art and animations include, and Another resource is Etsy, an online marketplace for art and vintage items. More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

The easiest way to find royalty-free clip art images is to use a search engine on the Internet, typing in the phrase, "free clip art sites." Filter the results by sites that appear to offer the type of designs for which ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Websites like Open Clip Art and the USF educational clip art portal provide access to clip art for educators, students and graphic designers looking to access images without paying fees or negotiating rights and ownershi... More » Technology Internet & Networking

In general, you may not reuse images found on Google for clip art. However, some images are available for either commercial or non-commercial usage. To find such images, search on Google Images, select search tools below... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Find free clip art for kids and teachers at sites such as and Both of these sites offer substantial selections of free clip art images in a variety of categories. More » Technology Internet & Networking