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To create your own happy birthday cards, first, think about the recipient of your card and what sort of things she enjoys to help you choose the theme. Then decide on the technique based on your skill level and available supplies. Finish the card with a funny or thoughtful personalized message.


BlueMountain.com and 123Greetings.com offer free birthday cards online. BlueMountain.com has cards that the user can send by email or that the user can print out and deliver, while 123Greetings.com provides only email birthday cards.


In a birthday card, wish the receiver a happy birthday with phrases like, "Hope you have a great birthday!" or "All the best to a wonderful woman on her special day." Personalize the card by sharing a favorite memory, including a compliment or thanking the birthday girl for her friendship.


Make a birthday card by printing out photos, attaching them to a piece of card stock and adding glitter to some of the details on the picture. This takes less than 1 hour. You need a printer, photos, card stock, glue and glitter.


If you want to create your own free birthday card, you can send an e-card or print your own masterpiece to send by mail. Home and craft magazines often provide creative card-making ideas, sometimes with printable templates, while e-card sites allow you to personalize and send instantly.


As of March 2015, consumers can find unique birthday cards for sons on websites such as PapyrusOnline.com and CardStore.com. Both of these outlets allows users to personalize the card designs and order online.


Personalized greeting card can be made on the computer using publishing software. They may also be made by using home craft supplies, such as white cardstock, patterned paper and glue.


Good birthday quotes are uniquely individual messages that are positive, heartfelt and personalized with inspiration, humor or universal truths like, "I hope that your birthday is full of fun, happiness and everything you enjoy" or "They say the best way to remember a friend's birthday is to forget


The message that is written inside of a birthday card can include anything from a simple "Happy Birthday!" to a long and heartfelt message about how much the person means to the writer of the card. The message inside of a birthday card should be personalized for the person the card is going to.


Electronic cards, or ecards, allow you to send virtual birthday cards to anyone with an email address for free. Most of these cards can be personalized in some way, and some include music or animation as an added feature.