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Causes of numbness in hands include Type 2 diabetes, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and damage to the arm and wrist nerves, according to Mayo Clinic. Spinal cord injury, Sjogren's syndrome, Raynaud's disease, peripheral neuropathy and syphilis ...


Right-hand numbness is generally caused by irritation or damage of one or more of the nerves in the wrist and arm. According to Mayo Clinic, health conditions affecting peripheral nerves can cause right-hand numbness, although it is sometimes caused by issues in the spi...


A treatment for numbness in the hands depends on the cause of the numbness, such as diabetes, which is treated by controlling blood sugar, claims WebMD. Numbness in the hands can be treated as long as the peripheral nerve cells are intact.


Hands that go numb while a person is asleep are one of the tell-tale signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, according to Precision Orthopaedic Specialties, Inc. If it only happens occasionally, it could be the result of falling asleep with the head on the arm, notes WebMD.


Treatment of numbness in the left hand depends on the underlying problem, explains WebMD. The doctor must first identify the cause of the condition before recommending treatment. Numbness in the hands can occur due to many reasons, including alcohol use disorder, carpal...


A common cause for a hand going numb while asleep can be related to sleeping in a wrong position. Some other factors that can cause this symptom may be different types of medical issues, including many that affect the nerves in the arm or hand, according to Mayo Clinic.


Treatments for numb hands vary depending on the condition causing the numbness, explains Healthline. For instance, treatment for numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome is not the same as treatment resulting from a more serious condition, such as diabetic nerve damage...