One recipe involves placing 1 1/2 cups brown sugar in the bottom of the slow cooker and adding the ham flat side down. Rub 1/2 cup brown sugar on the ham, and cook on low for eight hours. Add 1/2 cup pineapple juice befo... More » Food Cooking

An easy slow-cooker ham recipe is Pillsbury's Slow-Cooker Maple-Brown Sugar Ham. The recipe takes about 10 minutes to prepare and uses only three other ingredients besides the ham. More » Food Cooking

A recipe for making ham and cabbage in a slow cooker consists of combining ham, cabbage, spices and broth with potatoes and carrots in a slow cooker. This is cooked on low for eight hours or on high for four hours or unt... More » Food Cooking Meat
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A recipe for slow cooker split pea soup with diced ham, onions and carrots is available at the Whole Foods Market website. features a slightly different recipe for split pea soup with ham. Both recipes use... More » Food Cooking

To make slow-cooked ham and beans, combine 1 pound of green beans with 4 chopped potatoes, 2 cups water and a ham bone in the slow cooker. Cover the cooker and cook the mixture on low for six to eight hours or for three ... More » Food Cooking

For ultimate flavor, you should leave the ham bone in when making ham and bean soup in a slow cooker. By the time the beans are tender, you can easily detach the ham and remove the bone. More » Food Cooking

Recipes for simple Mexican meals prepared for a slow cooker include a beef filling for tacos, pork chalupa, creamy Mexican chicken and slow cooked enchilada soup. The beef taco recipe is featured at Mr. Food Test Kitchen... More » Food Cooking