Many hairstyles look good with long hair, including styles that feature braids, highlights or ombre, waves and bangs. However, the placement of layers, texture and color all affect the way in which a long hairstyle works... More »

Pull fine hair back into a simple ponytail, or spend 10 minutes with a curling iron to give the ends texture, volume, and body. Other ideal fine hair hairstyles are short bobs and backcombing. Fine hair is one of the bes... More »

While the method for styling hair depends on the length and desired result, to do a basic blow out on medium-to-long hair, wash and condition the hair. Apply product, get most of the moisture out, then use a round brush ... More »

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Ways to style long hair include waves, straight, with bangs, ponytails, messy buns and braids. Partial updos are also good options. These involve pulling a small section of the hair up with a clip or hair tie while leavi... More »

Some good styles for long hair include the blunt cut with or without bangs, layered styles, braids, ponytails, buns and updos. Each style typically begins with one of two basic cuts, either the all one length cut or the ... More »

Buns, beehives and styles based on curls or braids are some beautiful updos for women with long hair. Other updos are based on historical styles, such as Grecian or geisha looks. More »

Suggested easy and fast styles for long hair include the beach hippie style, the pin curl twist, the side-swept bun and the high-volume ponytail. The beach hippie style takes two minutes to create, while the other styles... More »