To remove fusion hair extensions, coat the bond with acetone, crush it with pliers, slide the extension off of the scalp, and brush to remove the powdered bond residue. Each extension comes out in about 15 seconds. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

Barbie designable hair extensions are customizable hair extensions designed for Barbie dolls. Using Barbie's website, kids can create customized hair extensions that are printed on printable hair paper using any ink jet ... More » Hobbies & Games Toys Dolls

High-quality synthetic hair extensions can be straightened using a flat iron no hotter than 320 degrees Fahrenheit. A flat iron heated to hotter than 320 F may cause the extensions to melt. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair
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Choose the right hair extension for your short hair by considering three important factors: ensure that your hair is at least four inches long, choose an extension that is not too long compared to the length of your hair... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

To attach micro hair extensions, slide a micro-ring onto a hair strand, push it up to the scalp, insert an extension, and crimp the ring shut. Each extension takes 30 seconds. The required supplies are a styling comb, ha... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

With proper care, sew-in and glue-in extensions can last for up to 3 months, whereas micro ring hair extensions can last from 6 to 9 months. The period varies according to the type of extensions and the level of maintena... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves

To wash hair extensions, comb the extensions to remove tangles, and wash the extensions with shampoo. Rinse the extensions, blot out the excess water, apply conditioner, and then air dry the extensions. You need a comb, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Wigs & Weaves