Color Oops removes color from the hair and helps bring the hair back to its previous hue. As the name implies, Color Oops helps correct color jobs that have gone wrong. More »

To color your hair using Matrix hair color, you need Matrix dye and Matrix cream developer. Other supplies needed include hair conditioner, a shower cape, a comb, a dye brush, an old towel, a usable towel, disposable glo... More »

Organic hair color products and those that do not contain ammonia are the least damaging to hair. Ammonia-free products do not dry out and damage the hair shaft the way their ammonia-containing counterparts do. Organic p... More »

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Bleaching or soap caps are the only methods for completely removing permanent hair color. It's possible to remove henna and semi-permanent tints with other materials, such as oils, vitamin C and lemon juice. More »

Apply coffee, tea, henna or the hulls of black walnuts to naturally dye hair a darker color. To dye red hair a darker shade of red, apply hibiscus, rose hips or the juice of carrots or beets. More »

To color your hair temporarily, prepare yourself and your surroundings, and use a spray-in color. Fill in gaps with hair chalk, and set the color with hairspray. More »

Ombre hair is a hair color that is usually a darker shade from the roots through to the mid shaft and gradually fades to a lighter color from the mid shaft to the ends. The word "ombre" is of French origin and means "to ... More »