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Augustus Caesar, also known as Gaius Octavius, was the first Roman emperor, and ruled the Roman Empire between 31 B.C. and his death in A.D. 14. Some historians date his reign beginning in 27 B.C., when he dispensed with republican titles and accepted the title "Augustus."


On its website, metmuseum.org, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York offers a comprehensive list of Roman emperors. This list offers the years ruled of each emperor and divides the succession into separate dynasties. History.com features insights and descriptions of the lives of the emperors in


The Roman Emperor Nero's reign has been called tyrannical and lavish, owing to the fact that he was a persecutor of Christians and was known for his excessive spending. Nero came to the throne at the age of 17, and when his mother tried to control him, he saw to it that she was killed.


Recreational sports such as swimming, horseback riding and running were popular leisure activities in ancient Rome. Board games such as tic-tac-toe, Roman backgammon, checkers and chess were also common pastimes.


A female emperor is properly termed an empress or an empress regnant. Emperors and empresses reign over empires and are generally conceded to outrank kings. Reigning empresses rarely conquer their own territories but instead inherit from a husband or father.


The ancient Romans lived in the Roman Empire. The capital of the Roman Empire was the city of Rome, which is located in present-day Italy.


Hadrian's Wall, the northwest boundary of the Roman Empire, is the North of England's most popular attraction. Plan a visit with this complete guide. Updated 06/26/19 Hadrian's Wall once marked the northern boundary of the Roman Empire. It stretched for nearly 80 miles, across the narrow neck of the


Elagabalus was the randy priest of a phallic god who became emperor of Rome when he hit puberty. Giovanni Dall'Orto/Creative Commons Dates: Born - c. 203/204; Reigned - May 15,218 - March 11, 222. Name: Birth - Varius Avitus Bassianus; Imperial - Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus Family: Par


History remembers Emperor Justinian for his reorganization of the government of the Roman Empire and codification of laws, the Codex Justinianus. Petar Milošević/Wikimedia Commons (CC by 4.0) Name: (At birth) Petrus Sabbatius; Flavius Petrus Sabbatius JustinianusBirthplace: ThraceDates: c.482, at Ta


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