Some examples of Roma clothing include full-length skirts tied on the left side of the waist and often covered in floral designs, low-cut blouses and bolero vests. Another example of Roma clothing is a thin strip of ribb... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

American gypsies live all over the country, but are mainly found in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Houston and Dallas. American gypsies usually migrate to these large, p... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

Gypsy Moon and Wadulisi Woman are two shops that carry Stevie Nicks-inspired clothing. Gypsy Moon clothing is described as romantic and vintage-inspired while Wadulisi Woman sells one-of-a-kind groovy handcrafted items. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing
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The traditional dress of the Roma or gypsy culture differs between women and men; women traditionally wear full skirts to their ankles tied at the left side, and men wear suits with a neckerchief called a “diklo.” Men's ... More » Art & Literature Folklore

Heated clothing, such as vests, work with electrical, chemical or stored heat. The most common method of heating vests is electrical heat generated from batteries. Manufacturers typically make heated clothing for people ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Cowgirl clothing is quite similar to cowboy clothing, including cowboy hats and boots, jeans, chaps, spurs, belt buckles, Western-style shirts and leather vests. In some cases, cowgirl clothing can trade skirts for jeans... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The size difference between women's and misses clothing is that women's clothing tends to offer more room in the bust and waist. Both women's- and misses-sized clothing have the same shoulder width. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing