During a gynecological exam, the doctor inserts a speculum into the vagina to view the cervix and then collects cells from the cervix to send to a lab to look for abnormalities, notes WebMD. The doctor may also collect v... More »

A gynecological exam involves a brief conversation with the doctor, a basic physical examination and an examination of the breasts and pelvic region, according to WebMD. Females usually receive their first gynecological ... More »

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One online resource that provides photographs and short videos of gynecological procedures as well as many written references about the field of obstetrics and gynecology is the website of Dr. Ahmed Daweel. Dr. Daweel is... More »

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Risks of artificial insemination include possible bacterial or viral infection in the uterus from the introduction of tools and specimen, as well as discomfort when the speculum or the catheter or tools used to hold the ... More »

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A doctor places a metal speculum to hold open the vagina during a colposcopy, then he places a lighting device and a colposcope that allow him to better view the vagina and cervix, notes Mayo Clinic. The doctor also swab... More »

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During a routine pelvic exam, a medical professional uses a speculum to see the cervix and vaginal walls, according to Women to Women. If a pap smear is necessary, the doctor keeps the speculum inserted and opened in the... More »

The pain of an endometrial biopsy is caused by cramping of the uterus as the doctor inserts the device used to obtain the tissue sample through the cervix and scrapes cells from the uterine wall. Cramps often continue th... More »