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A pelvic exam is a way for doctors to look for signs of illness in certain organs in a woman's body. The word "pelvic" refers to the pelvis. The exam is used to look at a woman's: Because a Pap ...


How to Have a Gynecological Exam. Gynecological exams are a crucial part of maintaining good health if you are a woman. These exams can detect health issues such as yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections, and even cancer. Early...


A gynecological exam can include discussions about personal and family medical history, sexual history, safe sex an alternative contraceptive options. Appointments are also a great time for you to address any questions you may have, including questions about irregular periods, vaginal discharge, STIs, and pregnancy tests. 1


What is a pelvic exam? In This Section. Well-Woman Visit What do I need to know before I go in? What is a pelvic exam? When you turn 21, a pelvic exam is a regular part of your well-woman visit. A pelvic exam is a normal part of taking care of your body.


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A pelvic exam is an examination of the internal and external organs in your pelvis, including the vagina, vulva, uterus, cervix, rectum, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. During the exam, your doctor checks your pelvic area visually and physically to make sure everything is normal.


There is a lot of confusion about when to get a pelvic exam and what happens when you do. Hopefully this short video clears that up.