Gyms will sometimes sell their old equipment through in-person sales, auctions and other sales methods. Contacting local gyms is one way to determine if those gyms have equipment for sale. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

The owner's manuals for each model contain equipment parts lists for each Total Gym model. Owner's manuals are available directly from Total Gym Fitness, LLC via telephone order or from the companyメs website. Huck Produc... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Home Fitness Equipment

Total Gym is a training system that uses inclines and the body weight of the user in dynamic natural movement against gravity. Front-to-back, side-to-side and rotational motion are supported. The equipment is designed to... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Home Fitness Equipment

Places to sell antique toys include at online auctions or stores, local retailers, yard sales or via a specialized auction. It is important to get a toy professionally appraised to determine its value before selling it. More »

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Find local parkour gyms by visiting the websites of parkour organizations such as Apex Movement, Urban Evolution or NY Parkour Academy. While parkour is traditionally performed outside, several small groups around the co... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

To find gyms around your area, research gyms online, compare their features, and try out each one. You can typically find a gym that works for you in less than a week. More » Health Fitness & Exercise