One example of a funny birthday poem is "Birthday Invasion" by Joanna Fuchs. Another funny birthday poem is "The Perfect Gift" from the Message Guy on More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

A nice pair of jeans, head phones or video games and sports memorabilia of favorite teams tend to be safe options when deciding on a gift for your 25 year old boyfriend. Also, consider your budget along with his interest... More »

Most guys love computers, so a model such as a MacBook Pro is a great gift idea, especially if he is a creative type. If that is too costly, then think inside that same technology ballpark; perhaps a low-cost tablet comp... More »

Some funny birthday cards include a photo of an old woman who looks tired and haggard with a caption that says "29 Again?" and a birthday card with an image of a cat painting graffiti on a brick wall. Another funny birth... More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

One example of a 21st birthday wish is to tell the celebrant to enjoy this day because there are no other fun birthdays to anticipate. Another example is to congratulate the person and volunteer to buy the first shot of ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

An example of a birthday prayer includes a reference to the special day, a hope for future birthdays, a thankfulness for blessings and a request for the future of the person on his day of birth such as, "For the birthday... More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

An example of a birthday quote is: "Continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you, not only on your birthday, but always." The quote is directed at someone on her birthday and wishe... More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays