The AmeriMax 85198 and AmeriMax 854054 rate as excellent gutter guards, according to Consumer Reports. These self-installed systems are durable, effective and less expensive than many other options. Other highly rated gu... More »

As of 2015, the average cost of gutters with leaf guards is about $20 to $30 per foot with professional installation. This averages out to be about $3,000 to $5,000 for the average home, which has 160 feet of gutters. More »

Use an online construction cost estimator, such as the calculators that Homewyse and HomeAdvisor provide, to roughly estimate the cost of gutters and downspouts. To obtain the most accurate information from Homewyse, mea... More »

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Experts highly rate floor tiles made of porcelain, especially SnapStone's interlocking porcelain tiles, according to Consumer Reports, as of 2015. They also recommend cement tiles for floors, though cement tiles are a pr... More »

Some brands that market downspout extensions are InvisaFlow and AmeriMax. These two brands provide users with a variety of extensions and other downspout products, such as brackets, for residential and commercial use. More »

Rain gutters are shallow troughs that collect water as it pours off of a house and feed into downspouts that direct the water away from the house's foundation. If gutters aren't in place, rain quickly pours off of the ro... More »

There are several highly-rated gutter guards, including the LeafFilter, GutterTopper, LeafGuard and Waterlov. Each gutter guard performs well in terms of buildup and heavy flow. Guards also vary according to whether or n... More »