Garlic is a well-known home remedy for fighting the bacterial infection and inflammation of an abscess, according to Earth Clinic. A gum abscess is a type of dental abscess. More »

Self-treatment for a dental abscess is not recommended. When a dental abscess occurs, it is important to seek dental treatment to ensure that it drains properly, to provide treatment for the infection and to ensure the s... More »

Find before and after pictures of gum abscesses on several periodontists' and dentists' websites such as,, and Gum abscesses are painful swellings in the gums w... More »

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Natural gum treatment is a series of treatments that can be performed at home and that use only natural materials to treat gum disease; however, gum diseases must also be treated by a dentist, reports Prevention and WebM... More »

A peritonsillar abscess is a bacterial infection that typically occurs as a complication of tonsillitis, notes WebMD. The condition forms in the tissues of the throat next to a tonsil, causing pain and swelling, as well ... More »

A dental abscess occurs as a result of a bacterial infection of the soft dental pulp, according to Medical News Today. The condition occurs when plaque stays on the teeth due to poor dental care, allowing bacteria in the... More »

A pimple on the gum area of the mouth can be an indication of a dental abscess. The cause of this pimple-like inflammation is a bacterial infection. This inflammation is puss that collects at the pimple site. More »