The primary benefit of Guardian dental insurance plans is that subscribers may access dental health services from any of the 94,000 dentists who accept the plans countrywide. With the proliferation of numerous Internet p... More » Health Dental

Guardian Dental PPO plans offer dental coverage with preferred network dentists and some dentists outside of the preferred network. As of 2015 dental patients receive an average savings of 32 percent on dental treatments... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

Guardian Dental plans do offer coverage for cleanings. Guardian states that dental coverage is available for multiple dental services including checkups, fillings, dental implants and x-rays. Dental insurance from Guardi... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance
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Delta Dental, a dental insurance provider, offers a list of dentists and an explanation of benefits for its PPO plans at its website. The company has four levels of PPO insurance: basic, preferred, premium and premium pl... More » Health Dental

CareFirst dental insurance offers a number of benefits to policyholders including free preventative and diagnostic services, reduced dental costs, and access to a large network of dental providers. The level of benefits ... More » Health Dental

As with most health and dental insurance plans, you can determine which dentists in your area accept BadgerCare Dental by calling BadgerCare Dental directly. Once you are connected with a representative, ask if any of th... More » Health Dental

Delta Dental is the dental insurance provider that offers the DeltaCare coverage plans. Delta Dental also offers dental HMO and PPO plans for individuals, as well as fee-for-service plans and discount plans. More » Health Dental