A computer may get infected by a computer virus through email, instant messaging and by downloading audio, videos and computer programs and games just like the Grand Theft Auto 5. The virus programs are often disguised a... More »

Monster trucks are not available in Grand Theft Auto 4. As such, there are no cheat codes involving monster trucks. However, there are mods that add monster trucks to the game and some cheat codes interact with them. More »

The Hot Coffee mini-game for "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" is accessible only when main character Carl Johnson gets invited by his girlfriend to her home for "coffee" or sex. It can only be unlocked and played in the g... More »

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A free Grand Theft Auto V APK for Android can be found on the DWGamez website. Once manually downloaded, this APK works on any Android smartphone. More »

To send a text message from a computer, use an instant messenger that supports SMS messaging, such as Yahoo! or AOL Instant Messenger. You can also send a text from your computer using online tools provided on websites l... More »

Bionicle games such as “Bionicle Kongu” and “Bionicle Matoro” require a computer to play and are available to play on, and other arcade websites. Both of these games are free Flash games that players do... More »

Online mini-golf games include “Mini Golf” and “Mini Putt 3.” While “Mini Golf” is a single-player game, “Mini Putt 3” allows up to four players to play together on the same computer. When playing with multiple people, p... More »