The four growth stages of a tomato plant are establishment, growth, flowering and ripening. Each stage is vital for a healthy plant. More » Science Biology Botany

The botanical name for the tomato plant is Lycopersicon esculentum. It is a member of the Solanaceae family, also known as the nightshade family, which includes potatoes, peppers, paprika, petunias, tobacco, and the pois... More » Science Biology Botany

Signs of tomato plant diseases include halted growth, yellowing leaves, premature fruit ripening, dark spots on leaves, leaf curling and white scabby lesions on tomatoes. Symptoms vary according to the type of infection ... More » Science Biology Botany
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The stages of bean seed growth are vegetative (V), with a number of stages corresponding to the number of leaves, and reproductive (R), with eight stages culminating in full maturity of the bean pods. The names and natur... More » Science Biology Botany

The tomato is botanically a fruit because it contains the ovary and the seeds of a flowering plant. Because it is all contained within the tomato and the outside structure keeps the seeds protected, it is a fruit even th... More » Science Biology Botany

Many types of detergent, especially those high in chemicals, such as chlorine, bleach or sodium perborate, can have a negative effect on plant growth if they are present in water that the plant absorbs. Unfortunately, ev... More » Science Biology Botany

Some of the factors affecting plant growth include availability of nutrients, water, temperature, light, air pollution, gases and plant genetics. These issues can either enable a plant to develop rapidly or much slower. More » Science Biology Botany