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To learn how to grow and care for hydrangeas in your garden, read the article that follows. Growing hydrangeas is so much fun. When given suitable growing conditions, their care is quite easy. To learn how to grow and care for hydrangeas in your garden, read the article that follows. ... Growing Hydrangeas – Hydrangea Care Guide.


Hydrangeas are excellent for a range of garden sites from group plantings to shrub borders to containers. Varieties abound (every year, it seems, breeders present us with more options!), and gardeners’ expectations of bloom size and color are boundless. To know how your hydrangea will grow, pay attention to the types, defined below.


Follow the package instructions when applying fertilizer and be sure not to use too much. Over-fertilizing can cause hydrangeas to grow big green leaves, but stunt bloom production. Watering: Hydrangeas prefer well-drained, moist soil, but not wet; overwatering can cause hydrangea macrophylla to produce less flowers. Depending on your soil type ...


Can you grow hydrangeas in pots? Even if you lack the space in your garden to grow hydrangeas, knowing how to grow hydrangea in a pot means you can still enjoy these beautiful blooms. The process is relatively simple, as long as you follow the basics of hydrangea care.


Hydrangea Grow Guide Hydrangeas are easy shrubs to maintain and they reward the gardener with huge, eye catching flowerheads that can last for weeks. Not only that, after they bloom, the flowerheads are beautiful and long lasting in dried arrangements.


The #1 resource online for hydrangeas. Read our easy to understand hydrangea guides or submit a question directly to us. We try to respond to all questions submitted. Learn about about common hydrangea questions including care, pruning, planting, types, watering, fertilizing & more.


Container gardening with hydrangeas is relatively simple. In order to grow hydrangeas in planters, be sure to follow the typical hydrangea care instructions. Hydrangeas grown in the ground or in containers require 3 basic things; well-drained soil, the proper amount of sunlight and lots of moisture. Growing hydrangeas in pots is a great option ...


5 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Hydrangeas. IMAGE 5 OF 6. Photo by Courtesy of Monrovia. Read Full Caption Transplanting Hydrangeas. Q: Is it okay to transplant my hydrangeas now? A: It's easy to move hydrangeas. Just prune mature shrubs down to a manageable size, and dig up as large a root ball as you can handle. Place it in a new hole, backfill ...


In the video below, Laura from Garden Answer demonstrates how to plant hydrangeas using Espoma’s Bio-tone Starter Plus and Holly-tone. Click here for our hydrangea growing guide! Click on image to go to the product page.


Hydrangea is a valuable genus of some 100 species of shrubs and vines grown for their large and very showy flower heads. Hydrangeas are at their best in summer and fall—a quiet time for most woody plants—and are worth having for that reason alone. For information on Hydrangea care, click Growing Guide.