Black-eyed Susans can be grown as annuals if you take precautions as the flowers start to seed. Cutting the flowers before they dry and wither means that the thousands of tiny seeds stay attached to the flower head. If n... More »

Black-eyed Susans are hardy perennial wildflowers that grow in a wide variety of conditions. They are drought resistant and require little care. They can also self-seed from year to year or, like other perennials, be spl... More »

Named for the dark color of their centers, black-eyed Susans are popular flowers in North America. They bloom during the summer and fall months in gorgeous golden and yellow hues. They are territorial flowers, so avoid p... More »

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The primary difference between annual and perennial flowering plants is that annuals observe their entire life cycle, from seed to flower, within a single growing season while perennials perpetuate their life cycles betw... More »

A number of flowers, including bulbs, annuals, perennials and shrubs, start blooming in April when the weather is warmer and rains are frequent. Many types of wildflowers also start blooming by late April. The complete l... More »

Annual flowers are flowers that grow, bloom and set seed in a single growing season. These plants continuously make flowers all summer long, unlike perennial flowers, which bloom only once a year. Some examples of annual... More »

Radish plants produce flowers that become seed pods after fertilization. The pods can be harvested at the end of the growing season. They should be allowed to dry before being split open to remove the seeds. Radish seeds... More »