When growing avocado trees at home, bear in mind that they can take anywhere from five to 13 years to bear fruit. Begin the process by growing an avocado plant from a pit in a glass of water, and then transplant to a pot... More »

Pruning is unnecessary to encourage avocado production, but most gardeners prune to keep the tree at a manageable height for harvesting. Gather pruning shears, white latex paint, water, a paint brush and a glass jar or s... More »

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Avocados should be planted during the spring months of March through June. Avocados should be planted in nonlawn areas where they can receive full sunlight. More »

It is unlikely that avocado trees will bear fruit without cross-pollination between two trees. Though avocado trees have stigmas and stamens, each is available for pollination at different times of the day. This makes it... More »

Bradford pear trees were intended to be ornamental and sterile; however, they do produce fruit due to cross-pollination by cultivars like the Aristocrat and Respire, which were developed to lessen the structural weakness... More »

Cocoa or cacao trees grow in the tropics and will only bear fruit in a narrow zone 20 degrees south and north of the equator. Even in these latitudes, they won't produce if the soil is poor, if the climate is too dry or ... More »

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Cherries grow on trees that are as well-known for their fruit as they are for their beauty when in bloom. Both sweet and tart cherry trees are easy to care for and grow in backyards throughout the United States. More »