Carnations can be grown either from seed or by cuttings. Whichever way is chosen, they are fairly easy to grow provided climatic requirements are met. More »

Seaweed is a type of marine algae that grows through photosynthesis. Because seaweed requires sunlight for photosynthesis, it is found at depths where light can penetrate through seawater. Although many types of seaweed ... More » Science Biology Botany

In an area with full sun, loosen the soil to 12 inches, work an organic fertilizer into the soil, and sow the turnip seeds approximately two to three weeks before the last expected frost date of the region or in early sp... More »

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While they produce large flowers, hydrangeas rarely produce seed and require propagation by cuttings. While taking the cuttings is quick, they require several weeks to grow new roots. You will need soilless mix, rooting ... More »

Plant hyssop from seed, or propagate from cuttings or by dividing other plants. Hyssop prefers a sunny location but tolerates some shade. It grows in poor soil but does best in alkaline soil that drains well. Plants can ... More »

Yellow carnations symbolize disappointment. As a whole, carnations are meant to show love or to answer a question. A striped carnation, for example, gives an answer of "No," while a solid carnation gives an answer of "Ye... More »

To properly care for carnations, provide the plant with full sunlight and ample space to grow. Surround the plant's bedding area with organic materials, while watering the roots sufficiently every week. To achieve this t... More »