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Word of the Day. float. to stay on the surface of a liquid and not sink


group noun. a small number of people who are together in the same place: can be followed by a singular or plural verb


Mrs. Bines, so complacent overnight, was the most disconsolate one of the group. He always kept a group with him, and people said that he was wise to do it. There is not a country in which one group is not afraid of some other group. But of the arc which He disclosed no one group of His followers has as yet perceived the whole.


Group structure involves the emergence or regularities, norms, roles and relations that form within a group over time. Roles involve the expected performance and conduct of people within the group depending on their status or position within the group.


#34994734 - Large group of people in the form of man. Isolated, white background.


Different Groups of People. Army: A collection of men and women trained to fight in battle. Band: A group of people or a group of musicians: a marching band or Robin Hood's band of merry men. Cabal: A small group involved in secret schemes. Caravan: A number of people traveling together, usually in a long line.


Before Friday, the group had said the first allegation needed to be investigated. — Jon Kamp, WSJ, "Impeachment Plan for Fairfax Drafted in Virginia," 10 Feb. 2019 People reported that Joanna showed off more sweet snaps of her group on her Instagram stories.


Group of people holding with hands the word We are hiring jobs Multiethnic group of thinking people with question mark looking up. Multiethnic group of thinking people men and women with question mark looking up Happy group of diverse people, friends, family, team together.


A group of people is forming around that tragic accident. Others may disagree, but this sounds natural to me. I would not say A group of people are forming. Some final evidence that I think "is" is right is if you flip around the sentence: There is a group of people playing soccer. This sounds natural to me, too.


What is another word for group of people? Need synonyms for group of people? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Noun A gathering of people who work together or share beliefs. group. association. circle. clique. club. coterie. society. body. combine. community. organisation UK. organization US. party. fellowship ...