Major grocery chains that can be found widely throughout the United States, as of November 2014, include Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons and Publix. Some major general retailers that sell groceries at many locations include ... More »

As of 2012, the HEB grocery store chain had more than 350 operational stores in Texas and northern Mexico. Despite fierce competition from chains such as Tom Thumb and Kroger, HEB continues to be prosperous in the south. More »

Capers are usually located in the same section of the grocery store as olives and pickles. They are usually bottled in brine water. More »

As noted on the Washinton, DC Department of Health website, most major grocery chains (such as Safeway and Harris Teeter) accept WIC vouchers. In general however, the best way to find out if a particular store accepts th... More »

In early 2014, Safeway, an American grocery store chain, was acquired for the price of $9 billion to a private equity firm that also acquired Albertsons, another American grocery store chain. Under this buyout, Safeway a... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Grocery stores such as Albertsons, Whole Foods Market, Ralph's, Kroger and Trader Joe's carry natural carob products under the Bob's Red Mill brand name. Online retailer also carries a wide variety of natural ... More »

Walmart, Safeway and Kroger are grocery stores that sell dry ice. Penguin Brand sells dry ice, and it provides a directory of stores in which its products can be purchased by searching by address or zip code. Dry Ice Inf... More »