To view Greyhound bus schedules, enter your proposed journey details in the boxes under Tickets on the home page. Select Search Schedules to view the departure and arrival times of buses traveling your rout... More » Geography

Greyhound Express buses offer tickets for as low as $1 for select routes when tickets are booked in advance. The Greyhound website explains which routes and dates are eligible for the low fare. More » Geography

The prices of different Greyhound schedules can be compared at the official website, which can be set to display all of the departures and prices for a given day on one page. Competing bus companies, such as Megabus, als... More » Geography
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To find Greyhound bus schedules, visit, enter information about the route in the search box under Tickets and select Search Schedules. Information must include the date of the trip and its departure and des... More » Geography

To find Greyhound bus line schedules, visit, enter the requested information about your planned journey in the Tickets box and select Search Schedules. Journey information includes the departure and destina... More » Geography

To find Greyhound bus stations in North Carolina, scroll to the footer of the home page and click on Station Locator. Select North Carolina from the states listed in the drop-down menu under Bus Station Loc... More » Geography

As of 2015, travelers in the U.S. can purchase tickets for a Greyhound bus over the phone by calling Greyhound's toll-free number, 1-800-231-2222. Though Greyhound accepts other forms of payment online and at the termina... More » Geography