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Online for Grey sheet concurs with: breakfast: no fat/oil lunch: 2 Tbs fat/oil dinner: 1 Tbs fat/oil MissYoni Rivera, I have been in Grey Sheet Anonymous for about a month and I've been calling my sponsor daily with food I'm planning for the following day.


The plan was designed to help control food addiction and promote weight loss. Although Overeaters Anonymous no longer endorses the Grey Sheet Diet, other organizations, including GreySheeters Anonymous, continue to encourage new members to follow the program through sponsors, or members who have adhered to the diet for at least 90 days.


GreySheet Food Plan. You can get started without the actual food plan, so don't feel you must wait. All you need is a sponsor. The GreySheet food plan comes with a sponsor. We do not distribute the food plan to those who are not willing to work with a sponsor to become abstinent.


The main differences between Gray Sheet and the CEA/HOW food plan are as follows: The HOW food plan allows grains after the first 30 days The HOW food plan added 1 tsp oil/margarine/butter with each meal The HOW food plan counts all vegetable servings as 1 cup (there are no 1/2 cup vegetables) Additional selections were added to the food lists ...


GreySheet Meetings. Welcome to the GSA Phone Bridge Meetings. ... We define abstinence as three weighed and measured meals a day from the GreySheet food plan, with nothing in between meals, except black coffee, tea, and diet soda. How Does GreySheet Work?


Overview of the Grey Sheet Diet Plan. Grey Sheets Liquid Diet Healthy Diet Tips Meal Plans To Lose Weight Weight Loss Tips Addicted To Food Fiber Diet Diet Recipes Seafood Recipes. Overeaters anonymous, or OA, is a group movement in which those who have a compulsive eating disorder offer each other support and fellowship with the goal.


diet plan grey sheet ... This week I am going to start the gray sheet that is a diet tool used worldwide by Overeaters Anonymous. to break our food addiction. You will have more time. ... Before I get all mushy here. I will attach to this the “ grey sheet “ plan. Between the Sheets:The History of Overeaters Anonymous and its Food ...


So nice not to fumble around with three different sheets to find the pricing I am looking for. The new sequential listing is easy to use and saves time. Helpful when I am looking for prices as often as I do.


The Recovery Group and its Trusted Servants do not endorse nor not endorse the Grey Sheet, HOW or FAA Food Plans. As with all food plans, we urge you to seek the advice of your doctor or nutritionist before beginning any new regimen of eating. .


At my first meeting, it became clear I needed a sponsor and food plan.I wanted to be abstinent, though I was not clear what that meant. My sponsor suggested I call her the next day with my plan for the day and not eat sugar. It was that simple. My first food plan was calorie counting more or less.