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Wikipedia explains that a color scheme is a selection of colors used in design for a range of media. This includes interior design, advertising, web design and more.


Neutral hues, like off-white and brown, compliment red. Other striking colors, like yellow and purple, also go with red. Other shades that pair well with red include basic shades like black and white.


Mixing red and green together makes the color brown. The three primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Green is formed by mixing blue and yellow, and it is a secondary color.


A housing scheme is an organized plan for individuals or groups who cannot afford to make a one-time purchase. This process of acquiring property is often achieved through lending from the government, employers, housing corporations, professional associations and banks.


A neutral color scheme consists of muted colors such as khaki, brown, white, off-white, beige and gray. Neutral colors generally pair well with a variety of other colors and decor.


Basic color schemes for a home's exterior are monochromatic, complementary, triadic and adjacent. Monochromatic color schemes, which are often subtle, include using various shades of one color, such as light gray siding with charcoal gray trim. Complementary color schemes pair colors that are opposi


Mixing red and green results in a brown or gray color. The exact shade depends on the ratio of the original colors and the amount of pigment present.


Paint schemes for a home or room can be created by a professional interior designer or a homeowner by using color scheme resources such as a color wheel to determine complementary colors that fit the mood and style of the space. Some paint stores, such as Benjamin Moore, have an online feature where


One of the more interesting ways to use color in an interior space is to use a blue or green as the primary color and to use neutral grays or beige as an accent color, notes Martha Stewart. However, the best colors are always those that suit your style and personality.


Color scheme ideas for kitchens can draw from the stain colors of cabinets and floors, use fresh and sunny colors to create a feeling of warmth, create bold splashes of accent colors, use several shades of one color or draw from the natural colors of favorite foods. The larger a kitchen is, the more