Honesty, commitment and confidence are characteristics of a great leader. These characteristics help a leader effectively delegate tasks, communicate and motivate others to achieve goals. A sense of humor is another valu... More »

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A person can become a great leader by encouraging creativity in his team, being passionate about the team's goals and being a role model to the team. A great leader must acknowledge his individual successes and those of ... More »

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One quality of a great leader is honesty. Ethical behavior of a leader sets an example for a leader's group of people about how to think, talk and act and what standards to hold themselves and their organization to. Grea... More »

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Honesty, ability to delegate, confidence and commitment are some attributes of a good leader. Great leaders share such attributes and that leads to the success of their teams. More »

Forbes lists honesty, commitment and confidence as some of the outstanding qualities of a good leader. Exemplary leaders also possess creativity, a positive attitude and a strong intuition. More »

The qualities that make a strong leader include honesty, ability to delegate, communication and confidence. These qualities may form a leader's natural personality, or they may develop over the years as the individual pe... More »

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Opinions about good leadership qualities vary; however, honesty, good communication, confidence and the ability to inspire are some qualities commonly attributed to good leadership. Additional qualities include creativit... More »