"Gravity Falls" is the original intellectual property of its creator, Alex Hirsch, and does not derive from any book or previous media. The show began airing in 2012 after Hirsch's successful pitch to the Disney Channel. More » Art & Literature

Fans of "Gravity Falls" can watch the TV show through YouTube and the Disney XD website, as of 2015. The Disney XD website features specific episodes include "Roadside Attraction," "The Golf War" and "The Last Mabelcorn.... More » Art & Literature

As of September 2015, ratings for "Gravity Falls" show that it is highly popular among children aged 2 to 11. It ranks as the most watched show in its time slot for this age group and among the top-ranked Disney Channel ... More » Art & Literature
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Some popular 3-D Blu-ray movies as of 2015 are "Avatar," "Tron:Legacy," "Gravity," "Hugo" and "Pacific Rim." All these movies were originally filmed in 3-D for their theatrical releases. More » Art & Literature