Grass seed grows fastest when a climate-appropriate variety is planted at the correct time of year. To promote fast growing, match the planting season to the type of grass, cover the seed with a thin layer of compost, an... More »

The best time to plant cool-season grasses is during the early fall. Warm-season grasses, on the other hand, thrive when planted in the late spring. More »

Reviews of grass seed are available on and The reviews on these websites are customer reviews of the types of grass seed sold by the retailers. More »

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Grass seed is spread in late summer or early fall to allow the seed to establish before the following summer, and the grass is allowed to grow until it is four to five inches tall. Grass seed is watered lightly several t... More »

Grass takes five to 30 days to germinate from seed and 30 to 45 days after germination to fully establish itself. The exact amount of time necessary varies between seasons and grass varieties. More »

You grow grass from seed by tilling the planting site, leveling the soil, adding fertilizer, sowing the seed, raking the soil, mulching the area and watering the grass seed. You need a tiller, rake, spreader, fertilizer,... More »

Plant grass seed in the autumn to reduce competition from weeds and other plants, and choose a seed variety that is recommended for your region to ensure the grass thrives. Before planting, perform a soil test, and amend... More »