To decorate with grapevine garland, decide what you want to decorate, measure out the length needed, and cut the garland. Wire the garland ends together for a thicker piece, add the twinkle lights, wire on artificial gra... More »

Make silk floral wreaths by wiring greenery and silk flowers onto a grapevine wreath base, embroidery hoops or a wire frame. The grapevine wreath and wire frame allow more space to wire the flowers and provide a broader ... More »

Create a spring wreath using a grapevine, wire, Styrofoam, straw or sphagnum moss frame. Cover the wreath form using ribbon, burlap or fabric, or leave it exposed as a decorative element. Trim with a choice of silk or dr... More »

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To make a Roman shade pattern, measure the inside of a window frame, add 4 inches to the width and 8 1/2 inches to the length, mark the measurements on pattern paper, and then cut the pattern out. Use the pattern to cut ... More »

Ideas for country cottage curtains include garden-themed lined rod pocket curtains that hang the length of the window, and floral cafe curtains that are positioned toward the middle of the window vertically and hang to t... More »

Decorate a tree with garland by choosing the length based on the tree size, deciding between a swagged or straight garland look, starting at the top of the tree, looping it over and under the branches, and tying it in pl... More »

To prune, wait until the grapevines are dormant for the season, then identify and remove old growth that has already produced fruit. Trim off all weak or damaged canes, and trim new growth that has not yet produced fruit... More »