A letter of administration is granted by the court in inheritance cases where there is no executor or the originally appointed executor is unable to perform his duties properly, according to Legal Dictionary. This appoin... More » Government & Politics Law

A testamentary letter in a guardianship is a court-authored document granting authority to a guardian to handle the affairs of a minor or incapacitated person, according to attorney Ken LaMance for LegalMatch. This type ... More » Government & Politics Law

The Legal Dictionary states that the purpose of a preliminary hearing is to determine in a court of law whether there is substantial evidence to proceed with a criminal trial for someone charged with a felony. A prelimin... More » Government & Politics Law
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Find the average cost of probate by totaling elements of probate costs including court fees, attorney fees, accounting and appraisal fees, and fees paid to estate’s executor. Probate costs vary greatly and can be influen... More » Government & Politics Law

The procedure in California probate court involves the executor of a will filing it with the court, confirming the validity of the will, and then filing an inventory of the estate with the court, according to O... More » Government & Politics Law

Tips for going through probate court include filing the will with the court so that the appointed executor can be officially named by the court, Nolo explains. From there, the executor needs to file a list of property th... More » Government & Politics Law

Although the executor of an estate can, in many cases, settle the deceased's affairs without legal assistance, a dispute between the inheritors or the sale of a business or other commercial property can become a complica... More » Government & Politics Law