Students all learn in various ways and no one thing works the same for all of them, but a popular way to learn any skill is with games and interactive videos. There are many resources of this type available online to stu... More » Education

Examples of possessive nouns include the word "dog's" in the phrase "the dog's bone," "California's" in "California's climate" and "parents'" in "parents' worries." When a possessive noun is used, it indicates that the f... More » Education

The most common punctuation mark in the English language is the period. Every sentence requires one to mark its end. Commas, colons, and semicolons are also common punctuation marks. These three punctuation marks are use... More » Education
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Plural nouns, words that denote more than one person, place or thing, often end in "-s," as in the words "teachers," "towns," "toys," "cars" and "dogs." Nouns that form their plurals in such manner are regular nouns. Man... More » Education

Some fast ways to learn English include tuning to English programs on radio and television, watching educational English videos over the Internet and communicating in English regularly. Singing simple English songs also ... More » Education

Some common suffixes include "-ness," which communicates a state of being by changing adjectives such as "clever" and "full" to the nouns "cleverness" and "fullness; and "-ize," which implies a process of becoming, as "c... More » Education

A descriptive adjective is a type of word that is used to describe the action, state or quality of nouns. Descriptive adjectives can be sectioned off into three categories which are simple, compound and proper. More » Education