To download Phenix American, the typeface used in the famous Got Milk? ad campaign, purchase it at As of November 2015, the typeface is available for prices starting at $35. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, within 100 years, the price of milk has gone from 36 cents per gallon in 1913 to $3.53 in 2013. According to the BLS, as of October 2015, its price has gone down to $2.72 per ... More » Food Beverages

Most land turtles are herbivores, which means they mainly eat plants. While some land turtles have been seen eating insects, it usually isn't on purpose, and typically the insect just got in the way of what the turtle wa... More »

Use the Mac Font Book to install a new font on your computer. The Font Book also provides options for viewing, removing, organizing, validating, enabling and disabling fonts all within a single program. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The font used for the iPod, iPad and the iPhone is Helvetica Neue Ultra Thin. The specific Apple product is what determines the standard font used. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

To make a font size larger in Windows 7, go to the Control Panel, and open the Ease of Access settings window. Change the size by selecting one of the three options available. Once you apply the changes, log off, and log... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Milk can be difficult to digest for some or most dogs. While it is not actually "bad" for them, their tolerance for milk is determined by their own body chemistry and its tolerance for lactose. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs